R&D director

R&D director JEAN MORIN, Chemical engineer
I have 20 years of experience with the Research and Development Centre (RDC), including three years as Director. I am a chemical engineer, with additional technical training in metallurgy. My specialty lies in de-inking. I would be very pleased to look at how the talented team at the RDC could be of service to you.

Telephone: 819 363-5701


Supervisor | Processes

Supervisor | Processes CHRISTIAN ADRIEN, Chemical engineer
I have 10 years of experience at the RDC, and I’ve spent the last four years as supervisor. In addition to processes in general, I specialize in stock preparation (OCC). My stringent approach sets me apart, and I am committed to providing my customers with top quality work.
Telephone: 819 363-5757


Supervisor | Products

Supervisor |  Products FREDERIC PERREAULT, M.Sc. Chemistry
During my six years with the RDC, I have been a chemist, a project manager and, for the past year or so, a supervisor. I hold a Master’s degree in electrochemistry, surface chemistry and materials science, and my specialty is surface treatment. When I work on a project, my defining features are my solution-oriented and problem-solving abilities, thanks to my multidisciplinary approach.

Telephone: 819 363-5780


Specialist | Microbiology

Specialist | Microbiology MARIE-HÉLÈNE CHAREST, Ph.D. Microbiology
I have been working in the field of environmental and industrial microbiology for more than 10 years. My expertise lies mainly in the optimization of biocide programs, the respirometric evaluation of waste water and the development of new products. I also have knowledge in the areas of odour and the microbiological safety of products that come into contact with food. I enjoy understanding, solving and popularizing microbiological problems. Sometimes, micro-organisms pose interesting challenges, and helping clients meet those challenges is my greatest satisfaction!

Telephone: 819 363-5739


Specialist | Microscopy

Specialist | Microscopy Claude Tremblay, Analytical chemistry technician
I have 35 years of experience in the field of microscopy. Over the years, I have gained vast experience in complaints analysis and resolution, the analysis of rival products, and the identification of components and contaminants, on both a macro and a nano level. My service is rapid and applicable to the reality of industry. I am passionate about everything related to microscopy and nature, wood, mycology and woodworking. I would be delighted to put my experience and passion to work for you.

Telephone: 819 363-5716