Having designed and carried out hundreds of projects, we have developed a solid knowledge of energy efficiency. The team at Cascades CS+ has expertise in multiple disciplines and various sectors, making it unique in Québec. Let our specialized team give you a first-hand demonstration of the efficient, innovative and value-added solutions they can generate for your company.


    With 18 engineers and technicians specialized in energy efficiency, our team is fully equipped to:


    • Monitor energy use and target potential improvements
    • Measure, target and implement an Energy Management Information System (EMIS), which enables organizations to make decisions and take effective action to reduce energy use and costs
    • Support and carry out projects based on the highest industry standards
    • Study and optimize heating, air conditioning, ventilation and compressed air systems, steam production and networks, etc.
    • Identify all available subsidies


    The area of energy efficiency holds no secrets for the team at Cascades CS+, a fact clearly demonstrated by the leadership it exerts in numerous sectors:

    Compressed air systems | Lighting | Boilers | Aeraulic assessments | HVAC systems | Steam-condensate systems | Real-time measuring of energy consumption | Modeling and forecasting of energy consumption | Heat exchangers | Optimization of pumping systems | Vacuum networks and pumps | Benchmark studies | Renewable energy and subsidy programs